Flix Lite DS Divot Tool in Levit8 Window Box

Pricing Details

50 $12.76 each
100 $12.32 each
250 $11.88 each
500 $11.64 each

Unique Gift Box with a Flix DX  switchblade style divot repair tool that offers the best branding opportunity of any tool of its kind in the market.  The "DS" features the ability to fully customize the back of the tool as well as a second location on the removable metal ball marker.  Perfect for dual branding or providing maximum visual impact for your brand.

Additional Information
Imprint Color: Full Color Process Print
Imprint Size: Ball Marker: 7/8" Diameter, Back of Tool: 2.5" W x 1" H
Imprint Position: Ball Marker, Back of Divot Tool
Imprint Position: Full Color